Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flatmates... Of the Opposite Gender !

When I enrolled for my Masters at the University of Glasgow, it was not tough to decide that I would be opting for the student accommodation provided by the university. The reason for my decision was based on both the pros of being in a university accommodation and the cons of a private one. 

It is not at all easy to search for a private accommodation in another country. Not only the location of a privately rented place is of importance, but it also comes with the hassles of a contract with the owner, various bills and the troubles of getting things repaired if something goes wrong.

On the other hand, the university provided accommodations are usually very near to the campus and come bundled with other perks such as free access to the sports facilities of the university. Not to mention the timely maintenance and repairs together with rules and regulations in place which make life a lot easier.

'Maclays Residences' considered to be the best option for post graduate students at the University of Glasgow was hence the logical choice for me. However, during the registration process I was expected to opt for either an all-male or a mixed gender flat. Though it would be expected for a student from the sub-continent to opt for a same-gender accommodation (with the experience of hostels), but I preferred a mixed gender accommodation. And the past two months have proved yet again that I made a wise decision.

On my arrival to my flat at 6 Cooperage Place, I found that I would be sharing my flat with three girls. Lilian (Lily) from Canada, Jiaming from China and Sophie from England. Though Sophie has been around the least due to her frequent visits out of Glasgow, it has been mostly Lily and Jiaming around. The following are the benefits I personally experienced having all female flatmates living with me.

1. The kitchen and the common area is always spic and span. (no dirty dishes in the sink from overnight)

2. No loud music at any time of the day.

3. Sincerity in the division of duties for the maintenance of the flat. (no one needs to be reminded when the dish-washing liquid runs out)

4. No thefts of food from the common refrigerator. 😋

5. No one banging on doors after midnight while being drunk.

6. Sharing of inter-continental recipes in the kitchen. (I got introduced to dumplings...)

7. Engrossing chats which extend way past midnight leading to the understanding of each other's perspective on a lot of things.

I guess the understanding we have between ourselves is probably a lot better than I could have managed with an all male group of flatmates. Below is the look of our kitchen on any given day.

Having wonderful flatmates is a great fortune !


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