Thursday, October 22, 2009

A K9 Concern...

Yesterday I visited one of my school friend’s house, who was home for the Diwali holidays.

It’s been more than two years since I last visited her place as she has been working out of town for long now. But I did remember about meeting her pets on my last visit. So I was expecting a noisy welcome this time too.

As we entered the gate, and moved along the side of the cars parked in the passage-way, I noticed Archie standing and looking at us from the far end. For the information, Archie is her little dog who is somewhere mid way between a ‘Blood hound’ and a ‘Basset hound’. I wonder if we have any ‘Basset hounds’ in India. If not, then he is a ‘Blood hound’.

To describe him, he’s a little K9, not much higher than a 'Pomeranian', with large black ear flaps hanging on both the sides. He is white, with patches of black all over. One of those dogs who are full of hair.

As I approached him, I was pretty surprised at the amount of soberness he was showing towards a stranger. Before long, he started walking towards me too. But as we came close to each other, I could sense something strange about his manner. He just sniffed and after deciding that nothing was abnormal and worth creating a ruckus about, he turned back and walked away. Something highly in contrast to his manner when we had last met.

When we had seated ourselves in the drawing-room, and he having placed himself quietly at my friend’s feet, I couldn’t help but ask her about the reason of Archie’s quiet behavior.

To which I was shockingly informed that he being old now (ten years is too old an age for such dogs) had developed cataract in both the eyes. Because of which, his eye-sight had almost gone down to level zero. No wonder I couldn’t find the sparkle in his eyes this time.

Remembering about the active and lively self that he was at the last time we had met, I felt really sorry for the poor pet.

My friend told us how they had consulted the top ophthalmologists of the city for Archie’s problem, but everyone declared their inability to help in his treatment. While we chatted, he quietly changed positions around the room to rest without disturbing us even a bit. Something I constantly felt uneasy about all the time.

When we got up to leave, he did arise from his nap to see us off, which must have been a reflex for him all his life. And as he came near me, he couldn’t stop bumping his nose against my leg, which clearly indicated that he wasn’t being able to even make out objects in front of him.

I wonder why there are no specialist veterinary ophthalmologists who in my city who could treat the poor pet and get him going as he was some time ago. I really wished then that I was a ‘vet’. Then I could at least have helped those wonderful living beings who cannot speak, but still make our lives so beautiful.

If any of you reading this bit does know about any veterinary ophthalmologist in India who could treat Archie, please inform through this blog or at my email, so that something can be done.

And I wish everyone should consider their pets as one of their family members (which they obviously are) and take good care of them like this as they would of a family member.


  1. Thats sad...old age brings problems to everyone... let me know where exactly you put up..

  2. Garima :

    Yes. Animals are no different when it comes to old age. :( I hope something can be done about it.

  3. Really feeling bad about Archie :(.

  4. Sapi :

    Hmmm... We all are. :( Hope he gets fine soon.

  5. oh that's so bad.. for the first time, I am symphatising for a dog :O that's really something! I hate dogs :( all kinds of them :( all the time :( but after reading your post, I am feeling sad for this doggy

  6. evanescentthoughts :

    Hmmm... But why do you hate dogs ? Not every dog is ferocious. Just make friends with one and you'll start liking them.

    Believe me, they really are a man's best friend !

  7. thats sad..but I don't know of any vet opthal....
    will tell u if i get some..

  8. RSV :

    Thanks. That will be a great help if possible.

  9. Same thing that happened with Tinku...aww doggy..
    Well, you could get him treated but given his age, these things mostly come back. :(

  10. Shalini :

    Yes. But still it would be so much better to rid him of the trouble even if just for sometime.



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