Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing Scotland...


There are a few places in the world which can match this part of the British Isles in terms of natural beauty. And what better way to experience it than driving along the highways that spread across the Scottish highlands.

We started off one sunny morning from Birmingham taking highway M6 to the north. Driving past Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester and Preston, we stopped mid way at Lake District to take a look at the amazing set of lakes right between the mountains. The view of the Bowness Bay Lake was stupendous even though the weather was a bit overcast.

We then carried on northwards passing Penrith and Carlisle to reach the historic and captivating city of Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Castle is a marvel in itself overlooking the entire city from the mountaintop.

Edinburgh certainly gives a feeling of being in medieval Britain but with the luxuries of the modern era. Still, the city retains its natural attractions with huge lush green parks and lakes.

We set off early next morning for Inverness up north. The journey got even more exciting and a visual delight to the eyes as we drove still higher up the mountains. The sun playing hide and seek with the clouds provided at least half a dozen sightings of lovely rainbows.

Inverness was the starting point of the journey along the long and beautiful but eerie Loch Ness; the great lake famous for the sightings of the imaginary (or maybe real) Loch Ness Monster. Contrary to the character of a lake, the water flows in turbulent waves but looks serene blue from a distance. It was a pity that the ‘Monster’ didn’t feel like giving us an appearance.

We completed our journey for the day driving through the evergreen mountains along the lake while passing the ancient town of Fort Williams and reaching the small coastal town of Oban. It was a lovely sight to see ships coming in and moving out of the docks right across our hotel room window.

The next morning we left Oban for Glasgow driving downhill and along another great lake called Loch Lomond. Glasgow bears the marks of a modern city what with the 2014 Common Wealth Games slated to be hosted there.

The drive back to Birmingham was no less beautiful with lush green farms full of white sheep appearing as small white dots and the occasional mountain cow with their long brown hair and horns.

It was a rather satisfying little journey but anyone who is looking to experience the wonders of the natural world must pay a visit to Scotland.



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