Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ties that Bind...

It is that special time of the year once again when people all around are busy diving in a sea of emotions for their brothers or sisters... Boys flaunting their 'Rakhi' covered wrists and girls beaming around with all those special gifts... :)

Here is a small collection of videos to further add to the emotions of Raksha-bandhan...







This post is dedicated to my sisters who have always been a special motivating force behind me...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The 10 Question Tag....

One week ago, I had been tagged by Garima with a set of 10 interesting but tough questions to answer. So here I am trying to answer those 10 questions while providing 10 of my own for others to answer.

1) What would you eat – a donut or golgappe?

Ans. Golgappe anyday. :D

2) What would you do to get the remote from your irritating sibling who is watching an action flick and in turn forcing you to watch it, when you want to watch Ducktales?

Ans. I’d tell him that his phone’s ringing and take control of the remote as he rushes to answer it. (I have actually tried that one when I wanted to watch ‘Tom & Jerry’ instead of WWE ! :P )

3) You would want your spouse to be stupid and rich or poor and smart/intelligent?

Ans. I’d go with smart/intelligent and poor.

4) Low neckline or low waist?

Ans. Huh…. ???!!!

5) You know that a member of opposite sex is attracted towards you. You don’t consider that person to be your ‘someone special’. Would you still go ahead and let him/her fall for you to enjoy all the attention?

Ans. Knowing the fact that no one can ever prevent someone from falling for them, - they would fall anyways – I’d let her fall for me while preparing a nice cushion to prevent her from getting hurt by the fall. :) Not for the sake of enjoying all the attention but for acknowledging my gratefulness to her for considering me deserving enough to fall for. I believe that those who rebuke or distance themselves from a person falling for them don’t deserve to be the ones to fall for.

6) What would you do to seek attention of your ignorant spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?

Ans. Yet to face such a situation. (More so because of me being single rather than being deprived of the attention ! ;) )

7) You have a fetish for ….

Ans. Brand new sports goods. (Specially cricket gear and those brand new cricket balls !)

8.) If given a chance whom would you replace your life with and why?

Ans. Any and all of my friends who have had or are probable to give up their love because of un-accepting parents or family. My parents are sensible enough not to conjure up something as stupid as religion, caste, class or nationality to be the basis of eligibility for the person I choose.

9) What would you do if you get to know that you would die today in next 5 hours?

Ans. I would make sure that I let all those people for whom I have something to convey to, be conveyed that very something, before I’m no more there to let them know what I thought about them.

10) One song that you never get bored of…just ONE??

Ans. Just ONE ?? Well, it’s that ‘Aao na’ one from ‘Kyun Ho Gaya Na’. (I had to search up the movie name to mention it here ! :P Thanks Youtube !)
But I’ll name one more. Please…. Just ONE MORE…. :P
That ‘Naam ada likhna’ one from the movie ‘Yahaan’ !

Well now that I’ve finished answering to Garima’s 10 questions, I’d like to put up a set of my own.

1. Which would you choose for a pet ? Fish or a Dog ?

2. You are stranded drenched in the rain at the roadside, with no possible mode of transport available in the heavy rain. Who would you call for help without a second thought ?

3. If you are given a chance to be a non-living object, what would you be ?

4. What would be the three things you would be worried the most about if you suddenly had to shift to a new residence ?

5. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, would you
(a) Enjoy the yummiest of snacks with hot coffe/tea on the terrace ? or
(b) Go for a walk in the rain with that ‘someone special’ ?

6. What is the first thing that you observe about a stranger ?

7. Which one subject at school would you have skipped if given the choice ?

8. En route to your best friend’s B’Day party, you are buying a gift for him/her when you suddenly see the last piece of something which you wanted for dear life. You have money to buy just one thing. What would you buy ?

9. If you were allowed to go back in time and un-do one thing, what would it be ?

10. One movie that you can watch again any day and any hour. Just ONE ??

I tag back Garima with these 10 questions from me…. ;) :P apart from also tagging Kaddu and Avada Kedavra…. :D

And every one of you reading this post, consider yourself tagged ! ;)


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