Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok. So, I’m back !

Back after a rather adventurous fortnight of my life. Being somewhat in the thick of things, I couldn’t really get time to post about my exciting life lately.

Ok. So as you must be knowing by now that I got involved into helping my friend elope and marry. It being the usual ‘inter-religion’ case, things weren’t easy at all. So, desperate measures were required.

But rather than the usual ‘elope and marry’ thing, it became a sort of ‘marry and elope’ scenario. Well, if you are failing to grasp the plot, I’ll just elaborate it for you.

As mentioned in my last post ‘Right or Wrong...’, I was on my way to get my friend married to the girl of his choice. Though both their families were well informed of their choice, neither was ready to accept it. (Isn’t it ironical that people who carry on an affair behind their parents’ back are always considered the obedient son/daughter by them. But if they are honest enough to confess their choice, they at once become the spoilt and disobedient child…)

So, they eventually got married. It was decided after the ceremony was over that neither would inform their family and they would keep it a hush-hush affair till their parents see some sense and they could manage to persuade their parents to accept their choice in due course of time.

But as usual, there are always people around who cannot do without getting some ‘excitement’ into other people’s lives. And it so happened that within the very first week, both the families got the news of their lives. (Well, surely not everyone does get the ‘news’ of their child getting married…)

As almost always happens in such cases, the scenario regarding the girl’s family is usually the more delicate one. And it just sounded like a co-incidence to me when their arose an emergency of sorts in the girl’s home which resulted in her arriving in some panic.

If I have not mentioned it earlier, I should tell you that the girl is from my own city living not more than five minute’s drive from my house. (And her dad’s office is just two houses down my own street…!)

So, I received the couple when they arrived at the station. I dropped the girl some distance from her house to avoid her being seen by someone which could result in some unpleasant consequences. We (my friend and I) were driving to my home when she called to inform that there really was no emergency. It was a trick to call her home and look into matters (which I was sure wasn’t going to be something pleasant…)

While my friend continued to try to get to talk to her on the phone (there appeared to be quite a commotion on the other end between her and her mom as I could hear), I decided that certain drastic measures were needed to be taken in the situation. We had already entered the street to her house when I heard her mom shouting into a phone for her dad to return home immediately. Which meant, he had no clue about the proceedings by then. But the return of her dad would make sure that things would get highly complicated. I had already heard about the shortness of her dad’s temper before.

So, I quickly and strategically parked my car into a by-lane very near to her house while my friend suggested her to come out of the house as quickly as she could. Now, when I say suggested, it was more of a mix of panic and desperation. But it surely was effective.

We were rapidly losing precious time, as it wouldn’t be much more than a matter of five minutes before her dad would be driving in, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Well, we didn’t get to see if actually he did so because before long, she could ‘escape’ out and made her way towards us. I was ready with the door open and she had hardly got inside, when I told her to lie down on the back seat.

And we drove off….

I still wonder about the number of seconds by which we gave her dad the slip. But yes, I had to drive around town (with her still lying on the back-seat) into clever short cuts and by-lanes to avoid barging into her dad or someone even remotely known.

I have always believed that the best place for any criminal to hide after committing a crime is the police station. That is the last place where anyone would go searching. And so, I got them to my home, knowing that her dad’s office was barely a few steps away. But as I said, he would never come searching for her anywhere near his own office. Though I had to use a back-lane to get to my own house, but that was worth it.

We waited until it was dark and then I got them bundled onto a bus headed out of town to escape being pulled up by any acquaintance. So it became a case of ‘marry and elope’

It has been many days since, and they have returned and resumed their work. The families, though still sulking, are somewhat recovering from the shock. But we all are positive that they will manage to please their families in due course of time.

As for me, I’m rather satisfied to have been of help in preventing at least two lives getting spoilt for good.

And also that I got sufficient practice at driving off with a girl in the back of my car… I don’t know yet if I’ll require that for myself too.

But, who knows… :p


  1. OMG!!
    All the best to your friends and may they have a happy life ahead.
    I appreciate the guts!!! I cant imagine doing that! But I guess, love makes you think nothing is impossible

  2. Shalini :


    Thanks a lot on behalf of my friends for your wishes. :)

    Well, I guess nothing is impossible in this world. You just have to find the way and believe in yourself.

    In fact, I think one needs much more guts to agree to marry someone he or she doesn't love. In other words, one has to have guts to spoil his or her life. No ?

  3. Hmmm... Good adventure. But happy to know that things are falling in place :)

  4. Sapi :

    Yes. Things do fall in place if we try sincerely to make them happen, instead of giving up hope. :)

    What's up at your end ? Everything ok ?

  5. Superb!!!
    I truly and very genuinly wish good life ahead to both your friends.
    Love is god, and i am sure god will take care of everything.
    Kudos to you as well buddy, your friends are really lucky to have you as their pal.

  6. Rashmi :

    Thanks a lot for your good wishes. :)

    Yes, God will take of everything. Just that we should never lose hope in Him and ourselves too.

    Well, in such a case, I'm always ready to be of help even to those who are not my pals. :D While my friend here considers me an elder bro. So, it was more of a duty for me. :)

  7. Hi Shobhit,
    I don't know your friends. But i wish them a happy married life!

  8. The unsure ascetic :

    Thanks for your wishes. :)

    I hope you keep visting and commenting here.

  9. Wow.. that was sooo filmy!! And kudos to you for helping them.. your friend is lucky to have a friend like you.. But her dad must have felt so bad since he missed you just by few minutes.. Wish your friends a happy married life :)

  10. evanescentthoughts :

    :D I really got the feel about how it must be to act in a romantic action adventure movie. :p

    Well, personally, I wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad because of missing me... but I'll make an exception here... :p

    Thanks for your wishes. :)

  11. Quite an adventure...I woud have been a part of one if things would have taken a different turn for my brother's marriage but thankfully all went well :)

  12. Garima :

    Yeah. It was some adventure. :D Glad that you didn't need to take part in something similar in your brother's case. My best wishes to him and your bhabhi. :)

  13. You are welcome :) that post really deserved to be on the Wall of Fame :)

  14. evanescentthoughts :

    Thanks again... :)

  15. Naah! You won't need to do the same for yourself... your parents are pretty cool! And if the girl's parents have any objections... I'll bet your parents will play the role you played for your friends! ;)
    Ha ha ha ha ha! Aren't u going to come on chat ever again?

  16. Kaddu :

    :D :D :D

    I know. But it won't be much exciting then. I'll let Mom and Dad do their bit after I elope... :p

    We seem to be getting online at different times these days. I'll catch up. :)



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