Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wish List : Animals...

What if I was allowed to possess one quality of an animal of my choice... ??? I would surely love to acquire -

the flight of an Albatross.

the power of a Boa.

the flexibility of a Cat.

the loyalty of a Dog.

the memory of an Elephant.

the cleverness of a Fox.

the height of a Giraffe.

the sincerity of a Horse.

the grip of an Iguana.

the bite of a Jaguar.

the jump of a Kangaroo.

the reputation of a Lion.

the temperament of a Mouse.

the voice of a Nightingale.

the camouflage of an Octopus.

the fearlessness of a Panther.

the colors of a Quetzal.

the quietness of a Rabbit.

the simplicity of a Sponge.

the attractiveness of a Tiger.

the secretiveness of an Uguisu.

the eyesight of a Vulture.

the smartness of a Wolf.

the tolerance of a X-ray Tetra.

the resistance of a Yak.

the affection of a Zebra.

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