Monday, March 31, 2014

When The Tables Turn...

Sometimes, it becomes really interesting to imagine what life would be like on the other side of the fence. But at times, rather than being interesting one can actually understand what life could be like if one is on the wrong end of gender discrimination.

So, what if –

Female newborns were rejoiced while male fetuses were aborted…

Little girls were given all the freedom to study, play and enjoy life while the little boys were told to learn household work and do it too…

Females could choose their careers and work to make themselves financially independent, while males were married off to move to their in-laws place to serve them and keep them happy…

Males would have to give up on their careers just for the sake of the careers of their wife…

Husbands would stay at home and look after the kids while the wife would go out for work…

All decisions for the household were made by the wife with the husband having no say except for agreeing with his wife…

It would be the man’s responsibility to dress ‘appropriately’ and carry the symbols of being married…

The men wouldn’t be allowed to go out of the house after dark while the females would move around till late nights…

Men would be subjected to suggestive stares and comments by groups of women at public places, and even probably be stalked around by them…

A man being all alone at a deserted place would run the risk of ‘adam-teased’ and being molested or raped by women…

After being molested or raped, the man would actually be held responsible for the incident for dressing inappropriately and stepping out of the house at the wrong time…

The list is endless. But just a few examples go on to show how our society is so heavily imbalanced regarding equality and freedom between the two genders. If only the males could put themselves in a female’s shoes and understand this inequality, it would help to make the society just a bit more sensitive towards gender equality.

I came across a video which depicts exactly how the world would be if the majority (males) would be the ones who are oppressed.

Advisory * The video is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) viewing for some crude language and unconventional visuals.*


  1. Replies
    1. Megha Agrawal :

      Thanks. Just wrote the things I felt after watching the video.

  2. You know what...I was going to comment and link you the video you mentioned at the end.
    And this post coming from a man....Respect!

    1. Red Handed :

      Thank you. But really, acknowledging the things as they are is the least men can do. The respect for being fellow human beings should actually be directed to the females, which sadly, is not the case.

  3. Hey Shobhit,

    Sorry I was too busy. I was going to write a post regarding the same topic.

    Men do not really understand how bad things can get for a woman until his family member goes through it. Instead they go on eve-teasing and punish their own mother and wife and sister by not allowing them to dress as they want or to go out and reach home at their own time. But actually the men are supposed to be punished.

    Here the real problem is objectifying of woman. When a man is been shown gals' pics for marriage, his mom herself will tell him - 'see she is fat but she is from village so she knows how to cook. I have tried the samosas she prepared. They are delicous.'

    When boys discuss about their classmates who are gals, the 'best' ones are literally called 'item' or 'chick'. Gals are compared to cars, can you believe it? Headlights and bumpers are the code words.

    It is disgusting.

    My only question is how would they feel when the exact lines are told by them are told to their mom?

    Lovely Post, Shobhit. Keep writing (I know that is supposed to be told to me more than u).


    1. Pritz :

      That is exactly what the video above shows and that is what I wanted to convey. Men have to keep themselves in the place of women to understand how bad it can get.

      You must have already read a post by me where a friend's family was looking at pics of prospective brides for him as if they were looking at some catalogue for some consumer good. But that is the sad reality of our country.

      And in a very early post you must also have read my reaction when I was with some classmates and they started talking rubbish about our female classmates. Have you noticed that almost all derogatory words which males use for one another too are related to females ?

      I wonder why such boys/males cannot apply their minds to see that they are degrading only themselves by using such language. But I think they don't have enough grey matter to understand this anyways.

      Sadly, I don't see the situation changing anytime soon. :-(

      Thanks for the lovely comment. Eagerly waiting to read your post. :-)

  4. Although this could be the case in India, where men are dominant and women are forced to let go of so many happiness for their family, but things are changing recently. Women are becoming bold and independent. It wont be long when they become a symbol of strength and love. *RESPECT* Just passing by...

    1. Ashish Rathore :

      I think they already are a symbol of strength and love. Thank you for reading. :-)

  5. Excellent post. Your precise questioning is spot on. Thanks. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    visiting from the A to Z Challenge

  6. I saw this video shared by a friend on Facebook.
    Only the shoe wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Love the title, When Tables Turn....

    1. Alka Gurha :

      So true. But only if we could try to make an effort to understand when and where the shoe is pinching even if it is on someone else's foot.

      Thank you Alka Ma'am ! :-) Your comment always inspires me to write more.



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