Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thoughts Through a Colored Window...

Ever since my entry into the ‘Blogosphere’, I have come across countless blogs. There have been many which I liked in the very first look. And some went on to become regular reads for me. But there have been a very few which never cease to amaze me.

I thus, introduce here, one such amazing blog.

‘Subtle Strokes of Imagination’ is a sort of e-gallery not just relating to art but to thought as well. A visitor to this blog will find himself trying to make up his mind whether to admire the amazing sketches or to dive deep into the thought related to the picture.

‘Subtle Strokes of Imagination’ is a collection of paintings done as just a hobby by the artist and owner of the blog Dr. Megha Agrawal.

Yes ! The artist is actually a qualified doctor who has done the paintings over a period of time just as an expression of her thoughts. So, for all those of you who always think of the dreaded syringe at the mere mention of the word doctor, here is an eye-opener that doctors are not those monotonous, boring, heartless bookworms they appear to be. They too, have the capabilities to think and express.

As you look at each painting on Dr. Megha’s blog, you will be drawn into the significance of the attached piece of text with each of those paintings. It will be hard to understand whether the thought emerged from the painting or the painting emerged from the thought.

It is really fortunate that the doctor decided to share those masterpieces with the virtual world. So, go on to her blog to treat your eyes to some great visuals and to twist your brains at some thought provoking texts.


  1. Wow Shobhit!Now that's why they say: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!!:)

    Thank u so much!!! I'm so honoured.....

  2. Thanks Shobhit.. Now I have one more blog I can check frequently :)

  3. Megha Agrawal :


    Well, beauty is beauty. One just has to recognize it whether through the holder or the beholder. :P

    You are welcome ! :-)

  4. Binu Thomas :

    You are welcome Binu. It is always nice to share and follow wonderful content. :-)

  5. Alka Gurha :

    Yes ! Please do.

    Thanks. :-)



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