Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn Equinox...

It’s not often that at the stroke of midnight, I find myself relishing a full serving of hot biryani for dinner…

And being treated with with Forlan at his very best for Inter Milan in an action-packed game live on tv…

And with my phone to my ear, hearing two girls sing “Happy Birthday to you…” simultaneously over a conference call…

I couldn’t have asked for a much better start to the Autumn Equinox, could I ??? :D :D :D

Hope to finish it off with a grand dinner by the time the day ends ! (That’s the most I look forward to every day in life. :P :D Why worry about the future ? :-) )

P.S. : Equinoxes are the two days of the year when the day and night are closest to being equal. In more technical terms, the day when the sunrise and the sunset are closest to being exactly twelve hours apart.

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  1. When was your b'day??!!

    happy b'day anyways. :) Hope you have a good one. If you started it with biryani, then I'm pretty sure you did. :p

  2. Wow yaar.. Hot Biriyani + Forlan + Birthday... Quite a combination, I must say...

    Happy Birthday Buddy :)

  3. It's the Autumn Equinox? That is so cool!
    And happy birthday, if it is your birthday!

  4. Ooooh Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    There are too many virgoans out here, including me!

  5. Spaceman Spiff :

    It happens to be on 21st of September every year. :P

    Thanks for the wishes. And yes, it's been a good one after such a start. :D

  6. Binu Thomas :

    Yes, a great combination it was. Thanks a lot for the wishes. :D

  7. cricketfreak :

    Yes. It's the time of the equinox. Thanks for the wishes. :-)

  8. Red Handed :

    Thank you very much ! :-)

    I know. It's such a co-incidence that we virgoans are following each others' blogs. No wonder we all are hooked. ;-) :D

  9. Looks like you had fun on your birthday :)

  10. Avada Kedavra :

    :P You bet ! I had loads of fun. :D

  11. @Shobh - everyone missed on the most exciting part of this post... 2 girls wishing and singing for you..????

    WOW...!!! coming on the right track eh?? ;)

  12. Garima :


    I would term it as 'being dragged' rather than 'coming on' to the right track. :P :D

    With friends like the ones mentioned, there isn't much choice left for me. :D :D :D

  13. From someone who just happens to see this post exactly a year after.. Happy Birthday and wish you more yummy biryani. :)

    1. theconjecturegirl :


      Thank you so much !!!

      And thanks for the lovely 'biryani' wish. :P



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