Monday, January 31, 2011

Laughter : The Best Medicine...

While writing for Kadzilla's Lounge, I tried my hand at creating a few cartoons, some of which were published in the Cartoon Corner of the Lounge.

Here are a few of the published cartoons alongwith some new ones.


  1. Are you representing yourself in the first comic? :P
    Hahaha..loved all the cartoons.. why dont you continue writing them on your blog from now on? Like a weekly or monthly series?

  2. Avada Kedavra :

    Hehehe... :P Well, the first one could well have been inspired from my daily life. Not that I've had the chance to try it out in an OT yet. :D

    I'll surely try to take time out and continue with these strips on my blog here. :)

    Thanks a lot for liking them. :)

  3. @ Sandhya :

    Thank you so much for your appreciation. :-)

    Your comment got deleted by mistake (thanks to my clumsiness using a smartphone :-/ ). If you see this comment, please leave the link to your blog.



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