Saturday, March 20, 2010

True Lies...

We all seem to have our moments of madness. And it was in one such moment when I had decided to jump on-board a social networking website. Just as per my personal preference, I don’t really subscribe to the fact that my life is one useless bit if I don’t dedicate a few good hours every day socializing on one or maybe more such networking websites. To cut it short, I have much better ways to get busy rather than ‘scrapping’ people just for nothing.

Does that signify that I’m not social ?

Maybe. I don’t really know. But I’d rather not be social instead of troubling the mind no end by surfing those socializing platforms.

The other day, I was just checking out if I had been ‘scrapped’ too when I committed the big mistake of drifting into the profiles of ‘Friends’, ‘Friends of Friends’, ‘Friends of Friends of Friends’, and so on….

One strange thing that caught my eye was a typical similarity of a part of personal preferences of an average profile. I say average because there is a significant majority of people who are simply nowhere near the likes of a normal person if you are to go by the look of their profiles.

The thing that I picked out was that almost every other female (and even males) had mentioned in their ‘Personal’ section that they hate lies and liars. Some had mentioned liars as one of the turn-offs while others had commented things like “I cannot tolerate lies…”, “I hate liars…”, “I never forgive liars…” and the sorts. Some even added an ‘of course’ to lies and liars while categorizing them in the list of negatives to add a matter-of-factness to the statement.

It really amazes me no end when I realize the number of honest and truthful people we have between us. Of course only honest and truthful people can be turned off by lies and liars…. NO ?

Or does it concern just the lies coming from the other end ? Ohhh… so you mean one can lie himself/herself, but is entitled to hate the other liars out rightly ?? Because if it’s not the case, then what do we really do if not tell a lie when we…

* Tell our brother/sister to tell our friends on phone that we are sick and will not be able to make it…. Just because we don’t feel like going ??? *
* Use the worst possible expletives while on the roads or with friends…. But behave as the most sober persons at formal gatherings ??? *
* Are going out with that ‘someone’ while having a serious ‘affair’…. But telling our parents that we will be busy in classes at the college ??? *

And many more such everyday instances.

So why are people averse to lies and liars ? There are actually some people, who, while being oblivious to their own lies, look at someone else’s lie as an unpardonable offence. Some even decide their preferences in relationships on such ‘offences’. These are the people who cannot take lies….

So do we really need to be so judgmental about lies and liars ? If not, then is hating lies and liars the evergreen ‘fashion statement’ for personal profiles on and offline ?? Something that certifies instant nobleness to one’s personal profile, indirectly suggesting that he or she is not and can never be a liar.


  1. That was a nice take on social networking. Yeah even I have seen "liars" on almost everybody's profile. Even those who lie all the time have this as a turnoff. Isnt it funny? :) I am pretty sure there is not even a single person in this world who doesnt lie.
    Psst are you on Facebook? Add me :D hehe.. I am a Facebook addict.

  2. Sometimes some lies are said to prevent hurting the people we love, like when we are out with your lover, your parents will get hurt, so lie comes in...

    and once it begins, its a addiction you cannot prevent.

  3. Avada Kedavra :

    Exactly. Everyone lies sometime or the other. One should see the reason behind a lie rather than judging the person on the basis of the lie straight away.

    :D I'm still not on Facebook. I know it's like living in the Jurassic era if you are not on Facebook in today's world. But if and when I decide to hop on, I'll surely add you. :)

  4. Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe :

    Yes. It's really bad once it gets to be an addiction.

  5. There are lies... and there are lies. The differentiating factor is perhaps the intention behind the lie. Killing someone is a crime. And yet, when soldiers kill to protect the common man of the nation, it is not a crime.

    The subject is very complex - truly beyond the scope of our comprehension. I don't think we should really be judgmental of anybody, based on their declared aversion to liars.

    Lying to your Dad miles away that you stumbled on some stones on the road and fell, when you actually got hit by a speeding motorbike, is not the same as lying to your wife that you were working overtime, when you were actually messing around with your female secretary!

    I wouldn't go as far as calling it a mere "fashion statement"... usually it signifies a deep-rooted hurt or some severe trauma inflicted by one or several big liars. In fact, there is a lot that you can learn about a person's past experiences from his/her social networking profile.

    Just my 2 cents...

  6. Kaddu :

    :D Yes. That's what I tried to say. But just a bit differently.

    According to me, I don't think we should be judgmental of anybody, based on their version of lies. :)

    Yes, people probably write so, because they are deeply hurt by one or more lies/liars. But I was referring to my experience about some people who have been, and still are liars in their own sense, while writing about hating lies and liars. I did not generalise.

    Just that those particular people don't see how they are liars in their own lives while showing their aversion for other liars. :)

  7. Nice post... :) one small advice... I think u shud join facebook... I am not addicted to it much... but there are a lot of things which u will like as a blogger... u can promote ur blog in such a way that u will be surprised...

  8. Preethika Shenoy Padiyar :

    Thanks a lot ! :-)

    Yes. I am connected on Facebook, after being forcibly made to join it by a school friend. :-)

    But I only have my school friends on that apart from a few blog friends. Didn't think of having a dedicated page for my blog on that yet. Will think about it.

    Are you on Facebook ? :-)



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