Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Name Is KHAN...

It is now a well known fact that we in India like to mesmerize ourselves with utter non-issues and spend days and weeks at a stretch in awe of them.

The release of ‘MNIK(even I’m getting the hang of calling movies by their abbreviations now) in a state of absolute chaos precisely certifies the above statement. The way we let our lives and property be at the mercy of a bunch of goons somewhat indicates our progress as a democratic nation.

Not once did those buffoons think of the nuisance they are creating by protesting against the release of the movie. Though, the only way of protest they ever knew was to break and destruct their own property in their own city. But excuse me. How can they think ?? How can one expect a bunch of empty-headed hooligans to even try to think about anything ??

The truth of the matter is that such goons (or the so-called party workers of any political party or outfit in India) are no more than a group of unemployed, uneducated and probably illiterate people with an added quality of destructive tendency in them, who run amok at the slightest provocation by their moronic leaders trying their best to gain publicity.

I’m extremely extremely glad that a person has shown courage to stand for what is absolutely fair against such creeps. It doesn’t matter if that person happens to be a Shah Rukh Khan. At least he has shown the goons their proper place. SRK has won a lot of admiration in the past few days from me and probably from countless other Indians by the way he has tried to put forward his point.

People question his controversial statement regarding the participation of Pakistan’s cricketers in IPL by saying he himself didn’t opt for any of them for his team KKR. But obviously, while making his bids, SRK, (whose KKR have done terribly in the last two seasons) needed players who not only would perform well but more so would be able to be allowed to perform in the first place.

What if, suppose, he had opted for Abdul Razzaq, only to find out later that Razzaq would not be available because of denial of a visa or an NOC from his cricket board. The decision not to opt for a Pakistani player was obviously made keeping in thought about their chances of availability rather than anything else.

Those moronic right winged fundamentalist political outfits not just in Mumbai, but all over India find it an issue not to have any sporting relations with an enemy country. They are least bothered about the real issues that India faces in everyday life. All that they are concerned about is what actions or words by anyone hurts their (or the nation’s) sentiments or has brought disrespect to all.

I wonder who has given them the abilities to judge what or what not hurts the public sentiments. It is always just a handful of evil political leaders who make statements and provoke the good-for-nothing party workers to let all hell loose on property and life.

I wonder what wrong did SRK do in stating about Pakistan’s cricketers playing in India. He merely said it on their merit as cricketers and not on their nationality. Something which these morons are hell bent to try to prove. And no one has the business to ask him for an apology which he wouldn’t agree to tender too to any hooligans or goon.

And when those head-strong and spineless spokespersons of such political outfits shout on camera with their paid/unpaid hooligans supporting them in the background, we should better show them their real place in the trash cans. Just as SRK did !

And as he says in his one of his recent interviews, let us show them that we are good-thinking bloody Indians. These scoundrels just cannot take us for granted.


You can watch the interview here :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  1. "..such goons (or the so-called party workers of any political party or outfit in India) are no more than a group of unemployed, uneducated and probably illiterate people with an added quality of destructive tendency in them.."

    Never a truer sentence was said!

  2. Arps :

    Yep. Wish they could be done away with. Hopefully by getting them to be decent citizens rather than them being such party-workers.



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