Friday, September 4, 2009


These days, I am enjoying the company of a new friend who visits as often as his busy schedule permits him to.

On one such visit, he wasn’t much in the mood of interacting with me that much, and hence, decided to utilize the valuable time in relaxing in a quiet corner of the house.

I couldn’t but help capture the moment of such carefree leisure and at once snapped it up on my mobile phone. Well, you know the sound these things make when you try taking a snap. It was loud enough for me to look for cover at the prospect of breaking the spell of slumber of the four-pawed pack of naughtiness. But, instead, he just lifted his head, turned it my direction to about 15 degrees, gave me a sort of look which probably said, “Ohhh. So it’s you again…”, and then went back to enjoying the late-afternoon nap.

There are countless things we can learn from animals. One of them being, to indulge in complete leisure once in a while, leaving the world’s tensions and complications out of our minds. Isn’t it so ?


  1. Ahhh... u got urself a nice pic! Not too fond of cats but don't hv anything against them either. I like birds more actually... and plants... so...

    Did u see my post "Cat nap on a Lazy afternoon?" Chk it out if u hvnt... that's wht I call "LEISURE"... :D

  2. Kaddu :

    Well, cats and specially dogs can look damn cute when they are taking a nap. :)

    I guess I did see that post of yours. Am going to check it out though.



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