Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Beginning.

"The beginning of thought is in disagreement -- not only with others but also with ourselves."

So, after some disagreement with myself, here I start off with my blog after some continuous egging-on from friends.

After spending a considerable amount of time and my bits of knowledge about XML, HTML, etc. in trying to tweak up the layout which you see right now, I suddenly find myself go blank in the head regarding what to write as a ‘post’ !

For the past few days, I simply experienced a hurricane of thoughts and topics that would be ‘future posts’ on ‘MINDZPEAK’. Things, that, I feel strongly about. And finally, I’ll be able to give vent to all that has been simmering up inside my head.

But, all that later. Right now is the time to celebrate the birth of the channel for the free expressions of my thoughts.


  1. Yayyyy! Some people are just born to be 'movers and shakers'! You are really fortunate to be associated with one such person for a major chunk of your life! I'm sure we'll see some brilliant write-ups by Mindzpeak! Happy b'day kid! :-D

  2. Well one thing for sure... you do have a great template... I am one of kaddu's blogger friends... So, welcome to blogging, I am sure you will enjoy it a lot... I will surely visit again...

  3. GOOD one bro ..keep it up n lets see what does your mind-speak..hehehe..n btw its grt that you started a blog n got nearly 40 visits at the conception stage. btw do let me know sometings abt the code tweak you did coz i really like your layout...n would want to change mine too..

  4. Hey looking forward to read ur "future posts"!!
    And nice layout.. Really liked this enlightning lamp in ur template.. :)

  5. nice beginning hope to see some more good posts from you!!!!

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging...Hope to see some enthralling posts from you :)

  7. lol...ur blog begins on a similar note as mine. being pushed n shoved by a frend into doing it! welcome aboard :)

  8. Thanks a lot, Mukund, Shreesh, Preposterous girl, Prithvi, Aquarius, Nikita... for coming around and having a look at my blog !

    Thanks too, for appreciating my template. Just played around and experimented a bit with the code.

    Shreesh,... the 40 odd visits to my very first post were thanks to Kaddu and me checking out the changes I was making to the template... :p Do let me know what changes you would like to have in your template. Will be glad to help.

    And of course, many thanks to Kaddu for introducing me to her blogging friends. :)

    I hope you all will keep visiting...

  9. hiii..very nice template...and gud blog too...infact i like ur honesty dat u r dedicating dis blog to kaddu...coz in dis fast forward life whos has time to say evn a thanx..gud efforts...

    keep it up....keep blogging....take care...

  10. Dreaming Eyes : Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. :-)



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